Mobile photography: tips for smartphone snappers

The sophisticated cameras in our smartphones are changing the nature of travel photography: taking pictures has never been so quick or so easy, and sharing them on the fly is now the norm. Follow these tried-and-tested tips for mastering mobile photography. 

How to build a perfect road-ready camera kit

With mobile phones in the hands of most travelers, taking photos has never been easier. But if you want to level up your Instagram game with images beyond the smartphone fare, follow these tips for picking and packing a travel photography kit.

Next year's travel trends: exploratory cruises

An all-you-can-eat buffet dinner aboard a tricked-out ocean liner isn’t the only way to get your sea legs. Small-ship expedition cruises are on the rise as adventurous travellers search for immersive ways to discover far-flung destinations.

How to prepare for a perfect voyage to Antarctica

Majestic landscapes, sensational wildlife and a surreal remoteness lure intrepid dreamers to Antarctica, the pristine last frontier of our planet. A destination this extreme may incite an urge to chart the course on your own, but it’s best to call in the experts to guide you on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Alternative Andes: the fascinating ruins of Peru beyond Machu Picchu

As one of South America’s most alluring experiences, Machu Picchu beckons thousands of travelers each day who revel in ancient ruins. Though the majestic stone citadel may be the most popular archaeological site on the continent, there are plenty of other Inca wonders worth witnessing in Peru.

Discover Coastal Georgia: best experiences of the scenic barrier islands

If Georgia is on your mind, musings may be about the dynamic culture in the capital city of Atlanta or the Spanish moss-laden live oaks that cast dizzying shadows over quaint Savannah. But lesser-known islands stretch beyond the South’s Hostess City, and they’re truly this state’s old, sweet song.